Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Got Medical Equipment?

We have been very blessed to be able to find many pieces of medical and therapy equipment for our children.   It is absolutely necessary in order for them to continue to flourish.  However, our family room is beginning to look like a medical facility.  Besides our bedrooms we have one main room in the house.  This room acts as our family room, Jacob's bedroom, therapy room. office, school room, and medical equipment room. 

Yes, we have medical equipment in our entryway.  In fact, the SMALL yellow gait trainer is about to be switched to the MUCH LARGER gait trainer below.   This thing is as big if not bigger than his wheelchair.  It is so worth it though, you should see him cruising around in it.  Of course, there is only a small area from the front door through the living room that he will be able to use it.  The rest of the house will not be accessible. 

Below is Jacob's corner of the family room.  We could not fit the medical bed into the bedroom with the other boys so his bedroom is now in the family room.  Sera will benefit from a medical bed very soon but it definitely will not fit in her tiny bedroom.   That is Jacob's speaking device on the stand there.  I cannot wait to make a little video of him using it.  It is so cool.  He just looks at a picture on the computer and the computer speaks the label for that picture.  For example, if he looks at the picture of a bottle the computer will say "I want my bottle".  How cool is that!!!

These are just the items in our family room.  We have things stored in our closet and theraputic toys stored under some of the beds.  We also have a few things in the garage.  We are just beginning to think about things Sera is going to need as she looses her vision and goes into kidney failure.  Thankfully we still have some time before we have to seriously think about that.


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