Monday, December 20, 2010

Our 13th Wedding Anniversary

I am still amazed by how God put two completely opposite people together to make a perfect match.  I have never shared on my blog how I met my husband.  So here is the story . . .

A friend invited me to a cookout with her young adult group at church.  As the night went on most everyone left except 5 or 6 of us.   I knew absolutely no one except the friend who invited me.  We decided to play truth or dare around the bonfire.  Well, those of you who know us personally know that my husband is a goofball.  So, during the game of truth or dare he asks me, truth or dare.  I chose truth.  His question, "do you want to go out with me?".  Mind you we had only known each other a couple of hours.  I, of course, got embarrassed and hid under the blanket I was staying warm with.  When it was my turn to ask truth or dare I sent the question back to him.  Do you want to ask me out?  Of course he answered, YES. 

He had to go out of town that next week so two weeks later we went on our first date, that was in October 1997.  We went out to lunch after church.  We could not stop talking so after lunch we went back to his house and talked for hours.  I think we spent every free moment together from that day on.  We started looking at engagement rings after a couple of weeks.   In November 1997 Darren proposed to me with a fortune cookie.  Yes, that is only one month after we met.

We really did not want to wait to get married.  We were 25 and 26 years old.  We really could not find a good reason to wait so in December 1997 my father married us a week before Christmas. YES, that is only two months after we had our first date.  We planned a Wedding Celebration for the next summer so we could celebrate with all our extended family and freinds. You cannot plan a wedding in one month.  So that is our LOVE story!!

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  1. Awesome! God knew what He was doing! Thanks for sharing!