Monday, November 29, 2010

We have always been open about our family and life with multiple children with disabilities.  We are not afraid to share the struggles and JOYS of parenting.  For example, today Gabriel(4 yrs old) ate a puzzle, had just about everything in his mouth, screamed every time I spoke to him, and needed to be hugged about 100 times.  Grace answered, "No, I will not" to just about every thing I asked her to do today.  Sera cried off and on for no reason that I could find and Faith lied to me numerous times.  BUT there were also wonderful moments of dancing and singing and laughing.

We are not about to change that philosophy now.  I know we have not said much about our soon to be daughter but that is changing right now.   We wanted to get our paperwork in order first.  I am happy to report that our dossier is complete and will be sent to the adoption agency TOMORROW!!! 

Another reason we have chosen this week to talk  more about our daughter is because Wednesday is World AIDS Day.   Our soon to be daughter is HIV+ and we don't want her to be ashamed of her medical condition.  She is a beautiful and smart little girl who just happens to have a medical condition which requires treatment.  All of our children are beautifully created by our Heavenly Father. 

There are many misconceptions regarding the diagnosis of HIV.  This week we are going to focus on education about HIV.   Check out the video below and then jump over to the Project Hopeful website.


  1. Loved the video! I'm embarrassed to say that I did not realize there is a difference between AIDS and HIV, so this video was helpful to me. We have looked at profiles of adoptable kids with HIV, and I have worried that they would infect our other adopted children, who have enough struggles already. Now I'll do more research on HIV and think differently about this issue.


  2. SleepyKnitter,

    It was just 1 year ago that our eyes were opened to the truth. Praise God for those who were not afraid to tell the TRUTH so our hearts could be opened. Thank you Caroyln and Chantelle for telling me the TRUTH.


  3. So glad to hear this news!! Do you know which agencies have HIV+ children from Ethiopia? I know AAI. Others?