Friday, November 26, 2010

My AWESOME Friends

I am grinning from ear to ear this week!! I am so proud of two very special friends. We are joined together by two passions - serving others and caring for orphans.

My friend Carolyn Twietmeyer and her family are featured in the December 6th issue of People Magazine. They have 13 children and are huge advocates for orphans. Their hearts are especially pulled towards HIV+ orphans. I won't give away the article but let me give you one of my favorite quotes. Carolyn says, "We're not wealthy, but we feel rich." AMEN sister!!!! Carolyn is the founder of Project Hopeful, a nonprofit organizations that advocates for HIV+ orphans.

You MUST get a copy of People Magazine and read the article about their family. Then please take time to go to the Project Hopeful website and read more about this wonderful organization.

Holding my People Magazine and wearing my Project Hopeful t-shirt


I love my friend, Maggie. She is in my small group Bible Study. Maggie has the gift of creativity and serving others. She has combined those two gifts into a wonderful business. She has started a business which she calls Sweet M's. Maggie gives 100% of her profits to a family in the process of adopting. She was recently asked to showcase her items at a local store called The Charmed Life. Then, this week she was featured on our local newspaper, The Jessamine Journal. Please stop by her website Sweet M's and check out her store.

My Friend Maggie

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  1. Yay! You got the pic up! :)
    And I love Sweet M's! I got a couple of the CUTEST bibs for our shower from a friend who bought from her. I LOVE her stuff!