Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on the kiddos:

Miranda is working hard to finish up her 1st grade curriculum before vacation in June. She is very excited to be getting a sister to share a room with. Darren put up the bunk beds in Miranda & Elshadaye's bedroom last week. Then, He and Miranda went shopping for the comforter sets for the beds.

Ethan continues to go to preschool 3 days a week. He is a very busy boy and loves to be at Daddy's side from the moment Darren walks in the door. He is into trucks and working with tools.

Faith just continues to blossom. She has quite the personality! She is still getting speech therapy once a week. We are seeing improvements in her speech all the time. Faith loves imaginary play. She is always carrying around a purse and pretending to go somewhere.

Gabriel's body is stuck on run. The boy can not walk! He is always running into the wall or a door. Gabriel is also into trucks and tools. I think he and Ethan will be very good friends as they get older.

Jacob is still the sweetest baby ever!! Jacob has a love for life and is a joy to be around. You cannot have a bad day when Jacob is around because he always makes you smile. Jacob is still receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy. We can see him getting stronger every day.