Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let me say it again, "IT IS HARD TO WAIT FOR GOD'S TIMING" I am an extremely impatient person so right now is a very difficult time for me. Here is what I am waiting for:

1. Home study to be completed
2. Two sets of white bunk beds (in our price range)
3. A 15 passenger van (in our price range)
4. $14,000 to pay off the remaining amount of our currently due adoption fees.
5. Medical Report for Debora

Right now I am throwing a pity party for myself. I can't get a grant/loan to pay for the adoption fees until the home study is done. BUT when the home study is done I am ready to send off my dossier which must include the $14,000. BUT is takes 6-8 weeks to process a grant/loan application. SOOOOO it looks like unless $14,000 lands on my doorstep in the next week I am not going to be able to send my dossier to Ethiopia yet because right now I will have to wait for a grant/loan application to be processed.

So I am crying out to God for his provision and for patience.

Thanks for letting me vent my frustration!


  1. My heart is with you. I feel the same way.

  2. Praying for you!!! Please keep us posted.