Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are almost done rearranging bedrooms. We have Miranda in her new room and she is set. The boys room is painted and furniture is in place. We got a set of full size bunkbeds with a trundle bed and three dressers. It is funny to see all three dressers lined up against the wall. The bedding should arrive tomorrow. We still need to find some storage for the toys but all in all the room is coming together. After we get the bedding I will post pictures.

On the adoption front we have had lots of ups and downs the last two weeks. Which is one reason I have not posted, too many emotions! Long story short, we are still waiting on a legal document for Jacob to be transported from Kamashi(where the orphanage is) to Addis(where court takes place). Normally, we would not think that is a big deal but in Ethiopia it seems impossible at times. Kamashi is about a 14 hour drive down not so great roads. A car has to be rented and papers have to be ready on time. The papers are finally ready but now there is a road block due to some upheavel so the car cannot get to Addis. They are hoping to get the papers to Addis on Sunday which means we can be submitted to court next week.

Please continue to pray for me to have peace knowing that God is in control and HIS timing is perfect. I am so worried about Jacobs health that I forget that God knows all and sees all. We have been told that Jacob is doing better and is gaining weight again. A family was is Ethiopia this week and took pictures. We can't wait to see them. Still no update on Gabriel, we continue to pray God's hand of protection over him and that he remains healthy.

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