Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. We have had a lot going on around here. We have officially accepted the referral for Jacob. We also received his medical report and as of now he has a diagnosis of Failure to Thrive and Cerebral Palsy. We will not know the extent of his disability until he gets home and has a thorough medical exam. We also received a video of him which was taken in March. I will be honest it was a bit hard for me to watch, but when you look into his eyes you can see a little boy in there trying to get out. I can't wait to meet him! There has been no update on Gabriel but we are praying that he is still doing well. There are two families leaving next week to pick up there children. We are sending a package for Jacob and Gabriel with them. Please pray for their safe travel and quick adjustment for their children.

Back on the home front we have been busy getting the boys room ready. We switched Miranda and Ethan's room so that Ethan, Gabriel & Jacob could have the bigger room. Which of course meant that Darren had to repaint the rooms. Thank you Honey!

Miranda is excited about her dance recital next week. They are doing a tap routine to the song "Love Shack". She is always excited to dance on the big stage.

Nothing else to report. I have been taking lots of pictures of the kids so I will try to post some soon.

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