Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We have been keeping a secret! We did not want to spill the beans on our Blog site until we told our family. We are attempting to adopt a second little boy from Ethiopia. It is still not final because he has some unknown health issues we are trying to sort out. I have been drawn to this little guy since we decided to adopt Gabriel but I knew Darren would think I was crazy. About two weeks ago I approached Darren and said I think we need to adopt another little boy. Of course, he did think I was crazy, at first! His response was if God provides the finances than we will consider it. Well, he should know that you should never set a challenge before God or me. That Sunday I approached our class at church with our desire to adopt this little guy and the need for the finances. Needless to say God worked miracles last week and provided us with the amount necessary to pay the adoption fees and his travel cost. There are so many stories to tell.... Eli who I think is 4 years old told his mom that he would do extra chores to earn money to help baby Jacob come home. A dear friend was out running errands one day and she came by with a check and said God just told me I needed to come give this to you. Many, many stories of friends stepping out of their comfort zone to help this little guy come home.

Update on Gabriel:
Saturday we received a video of Gabriel from last month. He seemed to be very attached to his caregiver and was not very excited about these strangers touching him. The director said he cries alot and had a fever recently. He was only brought to the orphanage about 1 week before the video was taken so I am sure he is still grieving his mother.

Update on Jacob:
We do not have a confirmed, written diagnosis but was told by the physician who originally saw Jacob that the only test that showed any problems was the CAT Scan. The CAT scan showed a tumor on his brain. He is supposed to be seeing a Neurologist today and we hope to get a confirmed diagnosis and prognosis today or tomorrow. He is a very sick little boy. By the way he is eight months old.

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  1. Yaeh! I am so happy for you all! Jacob will certainly be in our thoughts.