Monday, April 7, 2008

The last week has been very busy. I think we finally have our dossier ready to send to the courier in Washington for authentication. It has taken much longer than I had wished. I continue to hang on by reminding myself that God's timing is perfect. On a positive note we received new pictures of Gabriel. The director of our adoption agency traveled to Ethiopia and hand delivered packages to the waiting children. I cannot speak highly enough about our adoption agency, Celebrate Children, International. The director has a genuine love for the children and the adoptive families.

On the home front, Faith experienced the sandbox for the first time. At first she was not sure about it and would not sit down. That did not last long! By the time I brought her in for the night she had sand from head to toe.

I want to share with you something my six year old daughter did yesterday. As I was doing adoption paperwork last night I was a bit frustrated about finances. My heart so desires to adopt two children from Ethiopia but the finances just aren't there. So my beautiful daughter came out with her money bank and emptied it into a Ziploc. She said, "Here mom you can have my money so that Gabriel can come home sooner". Miranda has such a soft heart for others. Every night when she says her prayers she prays for all the kids who don't have a mommy and daddy. Oh the things we could learn from our children and their child-like faith.

We pray that all the children around the world who do not have a mommy and daddy have good rest and good dreams. We pray that God would put His hand of protection around them and give them peace as they rest.

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