Wednesday, February 15, 2012

God is Cool Like That

We had a very busy day scheduled for today.  We had four appointments before noon.  This morning Jacob woke up at 3:30a.m.  I had to fast to get blood work done, so a mama without breakfast & coffee is not a happy mama.  Needless to say the morning did not get off to a great start.  We were at the hospital by 8:15 for my blood work(just routine).   Finished up, got some papers notarized, and had 30 minutes before our next appointment.  I should add I was dragging eight kids along with me on this adventure.  Knowing how I get when I am hungery I decided to stop by and get a donut and coffee to tide me over before lunch.  After pulling in I realized I had used the $20.00 I thought I had in my purse.  No coffee and donut for me.  On to the doctor's office for my physical, yes with all eight kids. 

We got on the elevator and a lady steps on with us.  She said that she had seen us getting out of the car in the parking lot.  She said she was driving through the parking lot when she saw us and wanted to come in and tell us how blessed we were.  She had no appointment in this building but she rode with us up the elevator and met all the kids.  She asked if she could give me $20.00 to get the kids a special treat today.  After she got back on the elevator my daughter Grace said, "you must have prayed for $20.00".  I told her I did not verbally pray for $20.00 but God knows our hearts desires and sometimes blesses us by giving us are desires.  So after the doctor's appointment we ALL got donuts before heading to our next appointment!

What a wonderful blessing and opportunity to talk with my kids about God's goodness!


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