Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Was Bold Once Too!

What happens to us when we reach adulthood?  I remember no fear as a child and during my college years.  I would walk up to anyone and just start talking.  I had no hesitation when I saw someone in need.   Where did that girl go?

Sunday at church God really got my attention.  Jacob was having no part in sitting in worship service so he and I walked the long halls at church.  I had noticed a man sitting outside when we walked in that morning and as we walked the halls I saw that he was still sitting in the same spot.  Our church hallways are glass so you can see outside.   As we were walking I heard God's voice say "go talk to him" every time I walked past the doorway where this man was sitting.  I think I walked past the door 3 times, then I finally got brave and walked outside but still walked past the man.   I could clearly hear God's voice but still I tried to ignore him.  I walked past him one more time, then turned around and FINALLY got the nerve to stop and say HI.  I am sure if anyone was watching I looked pretty silly.

His name was Basil.  I have no idea of his current economic situation, from his story it is possible that he is homeless.  Basil was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Basil told me that he frequented a restaurant downtown where an 18 year old young man worked.  Basil said it was a rough part of town so he would go in an check on this kid who worked the late shift.  On that Saturday night when the young man had finished his shift he walked across the street to talk with Basil.  He asked if he could pray for Basil, which he did.  As he walked back across the street he turned and asked Basil to come to church with him.  When I met Basil outside of church he was waiting for his friend to arrive.  Basil was so eager he had arrived at church four hours early and was quite content to sit and wait.  I have prayed for Basil continuously since then.  I can't get him out of my head.  I don't know anything else about Basil except the few stories he shared as we talked.  The history really doesn't matter but what does matter is that Basil needs God. 
I am so thankful that I FINALLY listened!  Lesson learned!  I want to be BOLD again! 


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