Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I have decided that this mom is my new therapist. Not only do I get great tips but it is good for my sanity because she makes me laugh. This video is about children who do a lot of nonsense talking. I can so relate and it does really get on my nerves. I know this was not the intention of the video, but since watching it I laugh every time my child starts the nonsense talk. So, now rather than get frustrated I think about a giant pickle and laugh.

Please enjoy this video from


  1. "Smells like a Pickle" -- Yes, I too love this and watch it from time to time for encouragement.

  2. I love this one too as we are living in this "nonsense" world alot lately. We tried th pickle thing and he used it back to us all the time....more annoying I think so we may try the '10 questions' a day thing. She has such a great way of just making things clear and practicle....wish I had her on my shoulder to whisper in my ears when I start doing things the "non-productive" way. :)

  3. Don't think I haven't thought of just printing myself a t-shirt for every day with a giant pickle on it! :)

    Friend me on Facebook, chics. Message me anytime your kids change up their game. I love to help people brainstorm with ways to keep changing things up on their end, while we're all waiting on the healing.

    I can't whisper in your ear, but I can totally Facebook message with you!!