Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Medical Updates

Jacob has always spit up frequently and as long as he is sitting upright it is not a big deal. However, recently he has began choking because he was laying in the floor when he spit up. He will be seeing a Gastrenterologist in October. These situations are very stressful for me and I keep reminding myself that Jacob is in the hands of God, who is his Ultimate Protector. Jacob will also be seeing an Endocrinologist in September due to his diagnosis of Septo-Optic Displasia(which can cause endocrine issues). We are also working to get Jacob a new wheelchair which will allow us to transport him in his chair. It will also allow him to use his speaking device without having someone hold it for him. His current chair is not sturdy enough to support his speaking device so I have to hold it in front of him for him to use it. Along with this new chair will come more challenges. The new chair will be too heavy for me to lift so we will need to have a vehicle which has a lift in it and also have ramps added to our home.

Sera had her two year old check-up yesterday. She is growing well and is up to the 50%. There are still several concerns for her that we continue to work on. Her head circumference continues to grow and is now well off the growth chart. We will be seeing the Neurologist in 2 weeks for our follow up and then hopefully referred to a Neurosurgeon. Along with her diagnosis of Septo-Optic Displasia comes endocrine issues. We have our first appointment with the Endocrinologist in August. We go back to see the Genesist in September to discuss results of genetic testing. We continue to be confused about her eye sight. Some things are quite clear, like she has no depth perception. However, other things are uncertain, like her overall vision. I believe we have decided to get a second opinion and will see a new Eye Specialist in October. It is likely that Sera's vision is not as good as we think due to her ability to compensate for her eyes. We are still trying to get an overall heath assessment completed so that she can be approved for surgery on her hands and feet. In the next two weeks she will be having a heart echo and a renal ultrasound. We had the renal ultrasound done Monday and it showed a cyst on her kidney. Now we are waiting for an appointment with a specialist for that too. Once these tests are completed we should be able to schedule her surgery.

All of the other kids have had their vision checked. Everyone has perfect vision except for Faith, who we will recheck in one year. She may need glasses then. Grace has been to the dentist. She has ALL her adult teeth and NO cavities. The rest of the kids have dental appointments over the next two weeks.

Please keep our family in your prayers as we continue to serve these precious children of God. We are so blessed to be chosen by God to be the parents of these very special children. There is nothing we cannot handle when we have God by our side. Life is good.


  1. I sure know how to pray for you. It sounds like we are dealing with similar issues and going to the same kind of doctors visits. Sometimes I'm amazed at the similarities. Really you are just ahead of us and it's encouraging to follow along your journey. I will pray for you guys.


  2. Isn't that the beautiful thing about God...just because I don't "know" you. You are my sisters and brothers in Christ. Praying for your precious family!!