Monday, October 5, 2009

We are still here!! I am sure all "10" of my regular readers have been concerned about my whereabouts! The last month has been a time for reflection and reorganization. As I have disclosed previously our current adoption has been a growing experience for our family, especially me. I have spent the last month processing the ups and downs of international adoption and coming to terms with the realization that I am still not in control. It was time to let God take over completely. That along with rearranging our daily/weekly schedule, including therapy appointments, I have felt a little out of sorts. BUT I am back and feeling reorganized and rejuvenated!

I think it is time to give a little more information about our girls. I believe that we are finally ready to be submitted to court, as soon as it opens again. The oldest is 7 years old and is described as articulate and mature. We recently sent her a package which included some hair clips, jewelry, photo album of us, and a barbie. We received pictures and a video of her getting the package and she never let go of that barbie. I think she and Miranda are going to have lots of fun playing together. The younger girl is approximately 15-18 months old. She has polydactyl of the hands and feet. She also has what is called Nystagmus, which causes involuntary eye movement. Our agency sent us the cutest video of her laughing. Stay tuned for more info . . . .

Now, what else has been going on. I have come up with a monthly menu schedule with grocery lists. I believe I am almost done with it. This really helps with budgeting and time preparing for meals.

We had Jacob's annual therapy re-evaluation. I can't believe the boys have been home for over a year. Unfortunately, I had to rework his therapy schedule which took some time to figure out. He sees four different therapist weekly/biweekly. Trying to do his schedule, school schedule, doctor's appointments, and Faith's speech therapy is crazy to figure out. Plus I try to schedule in some fun time!! I think we finally have everything back on track and I feel much better knowing what is going on when.

Miranda, Ethan, Faith & Gabriel are doing really well. They are just blossoming! Sometimes they say something and I think, "wow, I did not know you knew that". They are like sponges and soak up everything they hear and see. We are in our third year homeschooling Miranda and I think we are really starting to feel comfortable. I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to love and teach every one of our children. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!


  1. So good to read your update. We will be praying for your journey!