Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adoption Update

I haven't written much about our adoption because quite frankly I haven't known what to say. We have been waiting for the last couple of months to find out if our adoption of Elshadaye would proceed. I will not go into details but due to circumstances beyond our control Elshadaye is no longer available for adoption. Elshadaye and her mother will continue to be in our prayers and will always be a part of our family.

So, where does that leave us? First, we are in the process of trying to decide which waiting child/children God has for our family. Please be praying for Darren & I as we make this decision. There are two sibling groups of sisters as well as a single girl whom we can consider. Sadly, one of the major deciding factors will be finances. The fees paid up to now have been for the adoption of one child if we decide to adopt a sibling group we would need to come up with $5,000 to proceed. As always, we are leaving the financial aspect in God's hands.

Secondly, as soon as we make a decision our adoption can proceed which means travel could occur in as early as 2-3 months from now. Which leads us to our second prayer request, travel expenses. We have not worried about travel expenses since we have been on hold for the last couple of months. Depending on airline cost and the number of people traveling cost could be anywhere from $5,000-8,000.

I have lots of people ask what they can do to help. Adoption is not the only way a person can minister to orphans. If you know a family adopting being a support to that family and to their children is also a part of ministering to orphans. I can think of three very important ways you can minister to families who are adopting. First, be a prayer warrior for that family. Satan is always trying to discourage or place obstacles in the path of families who are caring for orphans. Second, support the family physically. Watch the kids so they can have a date night. Send a note of encouragement or take time to listen. Be a mentor to a formally orphaned child. Lastly, be a financial support. Unfortunately adoption is expensive and many families cannot pursue the adoption of orphans due to the incredible expense. Part of caring for orphans is providing the financial support necessary for a family to physically care for orphans.

If you would like to help us minister to orphans you can make a donation through this website Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministry. In the designation box just put Darren & Rebecca Maas.

We can't wait to meet the child/children God is placing into our family. We are excited to see what God has in store for us and our children.


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