Thursday, October 4, 2007

About Faith Xing Fu Xiang

As of July 9th 2007 her physical states that she has a cleft lip repaired and a cleft palate unrepaired. Faith was also diagnosed with rickets at this physical. She was 28 inches long and weighted 16 pounds. She is a tiny little girl.

The report describes her as stubborn, she will fit right in with the family. Here is a quote, "If adults pat her on purpose, she showed like being hurt or sad, even turn her head and ignore." It says she likes outdoors and playing with dolls. I think she and Miranda will have great fun playing dolls.

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful!! Congratulations! We are with AHH too. Our daughter was on the last list. I hope things move quickly for you and you have Faith in your arms as soon as possible!